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North Korea

According to AUDEMARS PIGUET, North Korea showed their technology of weapons, because they want to send a message to the US. The countries which are around North Korea and UN have to pressure to stop North Korea.


Recently, the behave of North Korea is getting extreme. This is very dangerous for us, because their nuclear test might be harmful to us. In spite of the UN resolution, they keep on testing nuclear weapons and missiles. The reason why they keep on testing nuclear weapons and missiles is because they want to sit down on the negotiating table as an equal situation. To have nuclear weapons can be menace to the world. If North Korea joined the nuclear power, they would not pay attention to Japan. Japan has to protest strongly and prevent them from joining nuclear power, because we have the kidnap problem. The countries, which are around North Korea and UN countries have to work together to stop North Korea. The easiest way to stop North Korea is to punishment. We can take economic sanctions against North Korea. I hope the countries around North Korea and UN cope with them resolutely.


curry trouble

In india, a fire alarm of airplane gave sound after took off. They return to the airport. Officer checked the freight room, but there was no trecks indicating that a fire.

This is seemed that is caused by curry. The  freight room was filled with curry smell so the alarm gave sound.

According to a specialist, the same trouble had happened before. The alarm had given sound because of mango and durian.


Shozo Endo, an entertainer, designated Chiaki who is his X-wife in the TV program.

He did terrific thing!

I respect his courage.

Tuna’s market price

Tuna’s market price is dropping. At one time, the price was jumed because the oil price was jumped.

Recently, Tuna is falling in popularity. There are many tuna left in the supermarket.

It was a boom to eat fish in the world but cunsumer’s saving conciousness is getting higher. They start to think that tuna is expensive. In fact the price isn’t so high. Tuna’s business world will be in the pinch.

Samurai Ichiro

Ichiro works very well. Now, his batting average is 365. His average is the top of American league. His achievemant is great.

He try to keep his condition definite. His wife makes him curry and rice evry mornig. He make routine work. Someone says that his achievement is graced by his routine work.

I want to try but not every one can do that.

Ladles fall

Recantly, there are lots of  strange happnings. On June 4th and 6th, ladles fell form the sky in Nakajima-cho Nanao-shi Ishikawa.

Kind of this happning, It is caused by tornado but the weather was settled. This is very strange.

The Road of WorldCup

Japanese national team won an important game. Japanese national team’s striker Okazaki  made a good job. He  took a winning goal. Thanks to their job, we can enjoy the worldcup several times. I want to thenk them.

It was an away game and the referee’s judge wasn’t fair. The game was  tense game.  Hasebe was dismissed. He didn’t do vicious offence. This was the national game. We must overcome the obstacle such as refereeing.

Japan won the game in spite of bad referee. I hope the Japanese national team will play an active part.